Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tips find data on the internet

For those who frequently surf the Internet will be felt once that was not easy to find knowledge on the Internet. Often when we surf it drowned in a sea of information; too good read-read without a clear purpose; to see the various windows of information at various sites with no clear purpose is only to satisfy the eyes & mind; it in the end we will get lots of information but not necessarily get something really useful or are we going to get maximum news / latest information as a substitute for paper.
For those of you who have a narrow time I'm sure is not possible to use the patterns above to make surfing the Internet. We need to use the method / good pattern so I can get very specific information well in a short time. One thing that needs to hold tight as we surf is very clearly determine the intent / goal at the surf - what are we looking for? On this occasion I will give some tips & tricks if you happen intention is to seek knowledge on the Internet.
To save time & pulse I usually surf at 4-6 o'clock in the morning (dawn); at that time not many people who use the Internet for information retrieval from the Internet can be done quickly & efficiently. Techniques to synchronize using a browser that we use (like Firefox) control is a good idea in order not to spend time / pulse to read the information but simply download all the information to a PC that we use & read it later off-line phone when we decide. Synchronization techniques I've written in previous articles, and is very important to save time in downloading the information after its site in found.
To reach the site / right information to be used tricks was not too complicated. The most effective way / simple:
Using the search engine on the Internet.
Using the right keywords.
If either case you are doing well & properly it will obtain knowledge & good knowledge.
There are so many search engines on the Internet. Search engine only lists the site address (shaped Universal Resource Locator - URL) & then brought the subject site only. Search engines generally do not carry information itself. Some of my favorite search engine is:
and to look for things related to the education my children are using:
I highly recommend for those of you who have sons and daughters to use this site to find these things useful to support children's education.
Next is the use of appropriate keywords. Keyword in typing into the blank fields on search engines. Look at the example site to include keyword field located next to the "search".
My favorite keyword is:
FAQ is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). As the name implies FAQ will contain a variety of answers to frequently asked questions in a field. I usually use the FAQ as a starting point in looking for various information / knowledge I need.
Whitepaper is the term for a variety of knowledge / information that is distributed free of charge / free of charge on the Internet. We simply add some additional keywords that describe your knowledge / specific information we seek, for example:
Faq gardening
Whitepaper telecommunication
Faq distance learning
By using a series of keywords that almost guarantee you'll get the information / knowledge you are looking for. Of course, because we use the internet so the information / knowledge is the most commonly use the English language - its consequences keywords that are used should be in English so that the possibility of obtaining knowledge that the search can be maximum.
Good luck. Source: Onno W. Purbo

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