Friday, January 9, 2009

Extraordinary Business Affiliates

Lately, the online business spirit of Indonesia continues to peak, the spirit of seeking more money from the internet rose to its online business Indonesia ...
But unfortunately, they also confusion mounting. Confused to choose what business program should be followed for beginners?
If you ask me, I would suggest to start a business that is easy first, like PTC, PPC, PPP, paid review or Links. Everything can be done by beginners though. Not difficult and the results were pretty good.
This time I really wanted to explain the business. But because of various constraints, I will only explain one thing first, which is an affiliate business.
So, what is affiliate that? Ok, it can be said briefly affiliate business, become an affiliate exactly is the business to be "agents" to sell others. From here you will get a commission for sales that occurred setiapi, ranging from 5% to 50% or even more (depending on the generosity of the business owners).
This is one business that is very easy to implement, because you are only asked to direct Internet users to come to a particular site. Then the site will detect that the visitor came as invited by you. Well, if the visitors that buy, you'll get a commission. Simple right?
But though simple, do not you take for granted lho ya. Affiliate business is worth tens of billions of dollar per year. Imagine how many bowls of meatballs you can buy with that much money
In bisnisini divided, the parties involved can we divide into two parties, namely the owner of the goods (merchant) and the seller of goods (affiliate). Become an affiliate parties could be anyone, if willing to sell. Was the owner of the goods, also used whoever. Starting from individuals, to the company.
Company? Yeah right, companies. Did you know that affiliate business is not just an individual? Did you know that berbagia large companies in the world was running an affiliate system?
Some of them I can mention among others, Dell (komputerterbesar makers to giant-3 in the world), Sony (Japan's electronics giant), the New York Times (newspaper giants in the USA), Verizon Wireless (a huge internet connection service providers) and thousands of other companies also implement a system like this affiliate business.
You can apply this system for your company, if any. But I'm sure the majority of us is more suited to be affiliatenya first. More easily, without a large capital, no need to provide the product, and so on.
But the problem, whether by following / make this our affiliate system biases become rich? Or only the owner of the business systems are to be rich? The answer:: VERY CAN!
If there are people who say you can not, and say only the owner of the goods / services that can only be rich, then he's wrong! Either he did not know, or have failed because of not following the right way, or maybe he was jealous, or maybe wish that there was not much competition among affiliate marketers.
Ewen Chia from Singapore can get $ 1,000,000 in just 5 months of this business. Similarly same Fabian Lim from Singapore, also through $ 1,000,000 in 5 months.
Or there is Rosalind Gardner from Canada through the U.S. $ 500,000 per year and there is also Jeremy Palmer is no less "crazy" with Rosalind. Everything is not by making their own products, but by selling products / services of others! They just ask people to take part, and it was done.
This is an easy real business done. And obviously can make money for you. So do not miss the train, try to follow the affiliate businesses now.
Why should I wait? =)Reference

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